Zachary Walsh MA RCA

 At its heart, Walsh's art celebrates the traditional values of the representational, yet is infused throughout with a thoroughly contemporary sensibility. He applies collage abstract composition alongside realism, exploring interplay of creative language. It is this tension, between the archaic and the modern, the real and the imagined, that imbues his paintings with their uncommon, ethereal mystery. Typical of his classically informed work are his series of pieces inspired by working with the Holland Park Opera. Using as models members of his friends and family, he utilizes the narrative to tell the story of his sitters; Walsh creates an intertextual space where the grandeur and opulence of the dramatic form collides with the familiarity of the everyday, helping us to see the conflict of the personal at the heart of the theatrical tableaux. London Art Blog has described Walsh’s recent work as ‘beguiling’ and ‘beautiful’, with ‘a masterful feel for portraiture, expressions, gestures, poise and pose of the human physiology’.

Walsh, Originally from Manchester. A student of John Moores Liverpool University and a graduate of London’s esteemed Royal College of Art, has had extensive exhibitions internationally with several solo shows at galleries including 101 Exhibit - Miami, I-nkd Gallery-Brighton, Signal Gallery-London and the James Freeman Gallery -London. He’s also exhibited in prestigious events such as the MTV European awards, G-40 summit - Washington (featured artist) and the Foundation for the care of victims of torture, Exhibiting alongside established names such as Bridget Riley, Ralph Steadman and Paula Rego. His Paintings are in Private collections with the Standard Chattered Bank Tokyo and London. For five consecutive years, Walsh has been selected by the critically acclaimed, Holland Park Opera as their in-house Artist. Resulting for Walsh in a firm collaborative exchange with one of the UKs finest and internationally acclaimed Opera Company’s. This year Walsh has been shortlisted for the Ruth Borchard self portrait painting prize. The piece will be on exhibit at Piano Nobile London until September 2017. Walsh was also a Prix Canson 2016 nominee.



Masters of Art, Royal College of Art. London.                                                            

First class honours degree, John Moores Liverpool University                                

Shortlisted for the 2017 Ruth Borchard Painting prize and for the 2016 Prix Canson award


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The Parlour gallery residency offers a unique opportunity to live and work in a area of Cornwall which is designated an internationally outstanding area of beauty. Located on the Lizard peninsular the residency offers living accommodation, studio and gallery exhibition space. The artist is expected to engage directly with the public and local schools through ongoing exhibitions talks and workshops.



Participating artist

The project has been an overwhelming success. MIRACLES achieved their revenue target, which was set at £200,000 (over two years). This has enabled them to carry out their work in Tower Hamlets - supporting children and their carers living in poverty and facing a life crisis. With the help of  Ros Fraser PR they achieved signifacnt media coverage - from the BBC to the Sunday Times - helping to raise the issue of child poverty and their work. 



The brief is to respond through painting to the Opera's seasonal productions, which generally consists of six Operatic productions. Life size reproductions are then exhibited at the opera house and throughout London. They are also used in there preview magazine as inside and front cover artwork. The magazine has a half million syndication.



Geisha Arts was a unique concept in exhibition space, working to provide an eclectic and inspiring environment for Brighton's thriving contemporary arts community. striving to avoid compromise and act as a truly individual creative realm, unrestricted by commercial interests and led by the artists who kept the exhibits dynamic, fresh and reflective of the true spirit of art.  





The three day high profile launch of an an exhibition, featuring work by some of the UK’s most celebrated & collectable art makers. The event was in support of the charity International Childcare Trust which improves the lives of some of the world’s most vulnerable children. Artists include Goldie (Renowned DJ & Graffiti artist), Matt Small (Leading International Urban Artist) and myself.


HOPE IN LIFE , Black Rat Press - MAY – SEPT 08

Novas exhibition and workshopWorking with disaffected youth in sheltered housing to involve them in an urban art exhibition about youth and self-expression. 




RUTH BORCHARD SELF PORTRAIT PRIZE- Piano Nobile London - May-June 2017

MODERN MASTERS, Underdog Gallery, London – Aug 2016

MIRACLES, Idea Store, Whitechapel London – January 2016

ARTICLE 25, Royal Institute of British Architects, London - Dec 2015

SERPENTINE (ARTISTS OF THE LIZARD), Falmouth museum of Art – Nov 2015

MIRACLES, Shoreditch Town hall, London – May 2015

THE COURTYARD, The court yard bowling green - March 2015

IMBUED AND THE IMAGINED, The Crypt, St Ives – feb 2015 - SOLO

DOWN TO THE BONE, Onca Gallery, Brighton – SEPT 2014

WISH YOU WERE HERE,  St Ives Society of Artists, Cornwall – JULY 2014

AFFORDABLE ART FAIR, Demelza’s Gallery, Hamstead Heath London – JULY 2014

NOT FOR RENTAL, 71a Gallery LondonJULY 2014


50 ARTISTS 5O CHILDREN, MIRACLES.  Tower Hamlets regeneration project. National Portrait Gallery – NOV 2013

SOMETHING SPECIAL, Blackall Studio’s. Leonard street London – MARCH 2013

OPERA HOLLAND PARK exhibition, Kensington and Chelsea London – AUGUST 2013 - SOLO

STARS ON CANVAS, Maddox Art gallery, London - NOV 2012

ART AGAINST KNIVES, Sotheby’s, Bethanal green town Hall London – DEC 2012

ZACHARY WALSH, 101 Exhibit Miami Florida USA - AUG 2012 - SOLO

MIAMI GROUP SHOW, 101 Exhibit Miami Florida USA - JUN 2012  

SCOPE MIAMI, Miami Florida USA - MAR 2012

1 SHOW, Underdog Gallery, London - OCT 2011

THIS IS US, Signal Gallery London - JUNE 2010 - SOLO                                                G40 Washington DC United States, Featured artist - MAR 2010                                               INK-D, Brighton - Group show - JAN 2010

REPRESENT, Leanard Street GalleryLondon - JAN 2010                                                      POWER OF PORTRAITURE , Group show Ink-D Brighton - OCT 2009                                       GREEK STREET, Ink-d, Brighton - 31 JUL — 23 AUG 2009 - SOLO


COTTONOPOLIS , Signal gallery. London - 18 JULY -9 SEPT 2008 - SOLO

HOPE IN LIFE, Black Rat Press. London - MAY – SEPT 2008

SAINTS AND SINNERS  , St Martins Lane Hotel. London - NOV 2008

MTV EUROPEAN AWARDS. Liverpool - 2008

BIG ISSUE CHARITY SHOW, Black Rat Press. London - 2008

ART AUCTION / EXHIBITION, MEDICAL FOUNDATION FOR THE CARE OF VICTIMS OF TORTURE, The Building CentreLondon - 2008                                                                       EMBODIMENT, Signal gallery. London - 2008 - SOLO                

LIBERTE D’EXPRESSION,  Light house gallery. London. - 2007



ART IN MIND, Bricklane GalleryLondon. - 2007                                                                      HARMONY, Sesame art. London - 2007 - SOLO                                                                                 HOLLAND ART FAIR  The Hague, Holland. - 2006

PUNCH Wills ART London. - 2006

LOVE IN ART  Oxo Tower, London. – 2005

L’ART POUR TOUS Cannes, France. - 2005                                                                             

LONDON ART FAIR  London  - 2005                                                                                                     INTERIORS Wills Art, London. - 2005       

PUNCH London. - 2005                                                                                                                      

LATIDO LATINO  Mexico. - 2005                                                                                                            ART IRELAND Dublin.  - 2005                                                                                                            

PAWS FOR THOUGHT Gallery OneLondon - 2004 - SOLO                                                           LOVE IN ART  Arndean Gallery, Cork St London. Awarded first prize for painting                                                                                                                                                                                                           And various group shows from 1996 – 2008.







Whilst Walsh is a well schooled artist, having studied at the hallowed grounds of the Royal College of Art, he is just as prone to take his influences from broader sources than academia. The vernacular of street art, fly posting, and urban sprawl, besides a consciousness of graphic design sensibilities all jangle for attention with an almost classical painterly feel. Technically, and it is so rare that I get to write this, Walsh is superb, he gambles, stretches himself, to a point whereby most painters would fail, fall, but Walsh pulls off his gambols, his masquerades, his cheeky unapologetic symbolism. He has a knack of painting simply, concisely, with economy and brevity of phrase and yet he can still introduce noise, aberration, dissonance into his subjects. He controls his paint as much by letting go as by reigning in, there are drips, stains, brushstrokes, smears and yet the whole, amalgamates, forms an engaging image. There is a masterful feel for portraiture, expressions, gestures, poise and pose of the human physiology. The backdrops often sparse, serve to focus the foreground, and the fields of bold colour behind, often in crosses or geometric shapes, incorporate abstraction convincingly. His ability to convey the movement of cloth, the kinetic force of wind on material, or sculpted round the body is second to none, and again brings back a sense of classical training and of course the embedded innate talent of the artist.

Walsh incorporates the leitmotif of Greece mythology, with its dynastic interwoven relationships and archetypal symbolism and positions them within the realm of personal portraiture. Thus family and friends represent the inner circle of his models and this intimate knowledge enables Walsh to judge the veracity of each expression, gesture and emotive note with authority, in the same way that writers are often encouraged to write about what they know so that the truth may shine through. And herein we can see not just the girlfriend, the close family, the close friends but dynamic relationships, some turbulent, some calm, some passive some not – the matriarch, the patriarch, the rivals, the object of adoration.

Having seen other exhibitions by Zachary Walsh, this added mythological layer of depth, of symbolism engages with the audience – combined with his real passion, painting the portraits of those close to him and the interconnected relationships therein. This language of personal correlations, the connections we make to those that matter in our lives represents the nexus of Walsh’s work.

So why buy a fourth rate Damien Hirst Limited Edition print of a spot painting when you could have a Zachary Walsh original, something immediate visceral and zeitgeisty?

Now is the time to buy modern art, not during the peak of a bubble but after it has burst. Walsh represent incredible value for money, for someone of his talent, and the work has considerable scope to appreciate in the future as an investment.

I of course have an ulterior motive, I want to see good art thrive, artists whose talents lie primarily in making images rather than marketing or manipulating the media in endless trivial cycles of celebritism and commercially inspired exhibitionism.

And Walsh makes beguiling beautiful images…but don’t trust me, take a holiday to Brighton and see for yourself.



Zachary Walsh: Figurative Painter and Image Maker Extraordinaire in articles from the artzine on artrepublic.com

With a new solo show centred around Greek mythology being polished and tweaked before it opens at the end of July our attention turns sharply toward the very talented painter Zachary Walsh.

When your artistic beginnings are a first-class honours degree followed by a masters in fine art at the Royal Collage of Art it sends out a firm message that the talent credentials are in place. It has always been about how to move forward.

Not a problem for Walsh who, since then, has gone on to feature in countless shows around the world with top destinations including Japan, Holland, Ireland, France and Mexico as well as featuring in high profile exhibitions on home soil that include appearances in Shoreditch & Hoxton galleries, the famous Cork Street, the Oxo Tower, the Standard Chartered Bank and numerous art fairs. Wherever his work is seen it has always been admired for its poise and sincerity.

Every one of his portraits stem from a sincere optimism about the value of beauty in painting, tinged by a sensibility for contemporary realities. Put simply he creates portraits that are at once romantic, harmonic, and yet self-consciously 21st century. Walsh, who is a figurative painter in the truest sense, adopts minimalist abstract backgrounds into which he installs his carefully composed figures. As a result of this juxtaposition his compositions radiate a rare sense of calm and mystery.

This latest exhibition uses visual imagery from Greek Mythology to represent characters with which Walsh has a relationship. Embedding fluid figure painting and integrating graphics that portrays the story these latest paintings, set in impersonal moodscapes built from the ebb and flow of brushwork and colour washes, strike a quite unique balance of tension and calm.


Exhibition: Zachary Walsh – Greek Street, Ink_d Gallery, Brighton, until August 23 2009

Zeus has you fixed with a hard stare. It's a surprise to meet him in the flesh like this and he looks avuncular, somewhat amused, yet quizzical. It's definitely him because stretching out behind are eagle wings and to his side is an old-fashioned dial telephone marked with the word God.

The father of Olympus could look alive and well for two reasons. First, he's painted in a contemporary style with a bold graphic background. Second, the sitter really is alive; the subject is also father of the partner of artist Zachary Walsh. His wife, naturally, is painted as Hera. She too looks very much like someone you could meet in the street tomorrow. Walsh gives us a sense of her (slightly world-weary) personality, so that her realism comes as a shock. It's not what we expect from our gods.

In fact all the models for this show are friends or relatives of the artist. It first took two to three hours to photograph each before working out their immortal counterpart. Needless to say the results are flattering. They also breathe new life into Greek myth. Hades is cast as perhaps a louche, aging rock star. Persephone is a woman just past her prime. Hades and the Abduction of Persephone, as painted here, looks tender, touching and and entirely consensual.











http://www.theargus.co.uk/leisure/events/weekendevents/8363178.Geisha_Arts_____Live_Art_Production__Madame_Geisha__Brighton__September_1/                                              http://www.huckmagazine.com/blog/small-walsh-this-exhibition/











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